Chantal a 34-year-old mother of a 13-year-old daughter.
Without surgery her live is over.

Help Chantal to live.


This was Chantal

Chantal, a few years ago: a positive, loving, always helpful woman. A person who was fully enjoying life and who compassionately helped vulnerable people in society. This was Chantal until a few years ago. She was in the midst of life; her greatest passion was her daughter and second her work at GGZ. In a good third place her coloured social life. She was a strong independent woman enjoying life. Chantal enjoyed life to the full and was a deliberately single mother of her daughter Isis. Together with Isis, she traveled through, Mexico, Africa, Malta and more.

AND THEN suddenly, fate strikes.

This is Chantal now;

Chantal appears to be sick and not just sick, no, seriously ill. Piled up, undiscovered or ignored diseases deprived her of the dynamic life she led.

She is in a dark, low-stimulus room: 24 hours a day. She has a lot of pain, paralysis and other problems in her body. An MRI has shown that her neck is in a very bad condition.

Some of the biggest dangers in her neck ar

Chantal’s neck is 0.5 mm off a brainstem compression. Because there is a lot of pressure on the brainstem, the nerves of the vital functions come under pressure. This means that Chantal’s life is in danger.

Retrolisthesis is a vertebra that is no longer pushed away on its own place between the others, but by damage between the vertebrae it’s being pushed aside. The vertebrae can press deep into her nerves and spinal cord. Chantal has retrolise on all vertebrae, with 1 vertebra being very unstable, and causes paralysis and breathing stops, among other things.

AAI is instability of the first and second cervical vertebra. The ligamentary connections are affected and loosened in such a way that the joints connecting the head and neck have become overly mobile. When these ligaments are stretched too much by rotation, they can cause kinks in the blood vessels and are causing blood flow problems to the brain. Chantal has a lot of problems with this. Slow movement development, headache and limb weakness are mentioned as symptoms.

CCI is instability between head and neck. This is a type of loose ligament disorder. This condition is related to EDS. CCI causes injury to the nervous system. The ligaments between the skull and spine should limit unsafe movements, but this is no longer possible with CCI. Nerve damage occurs due to lose ligaments, which are responsible for poor coordination, learning difficulties, headaches, awkward movements and slow development of movement skills. Eventually this continues to cause problems in the upper spinal cord and the brainstem and follows into pressure on the brainstem. With Chantal another 0.5 mm before the tribulation of the brainstem causes the vital functions will be oppressed and she will be in vital danger.

The cerebral tonsils have fallen through the back of the head, the limit is 5 mm with Chantal this is at 9.4 mm. Symptoms include: incontinence, loss of strength of the arms and legs, paralysis of the arms and legs, sensory disturbances, disturbances in coordination and balance, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, speech disturbances, reduced swallowing reflex, altered voice, wobble and trembling eyes.

If she can be operated, she will get back at least 50% of her life. However, this operation is impossible in the Netherlands because, amongst other things, the disease has EDS hypermobility. That is why she must go to Barcelona for surgery.

Dutch health insurance does not cover these costs which comes down to the amount of € 100,000.00, and therefore we created this crowdfunding to pay for this surgery.

Without surgery there is no future / life for her anymore.

A complete overview of Chantal’s pathology can be found here.


Help Chantal live again

Chantal needs surgery, if she wants to be able to see her daughter grow up and enjoy life. Without surgery, this means the end for her. Chantal lays in a dark, low-stimulation room, dreaming of how her daughter will grow up. They have never had a date together or a family outing with the three of them.

With this surgery she will no longer have to lie in her bed for 24 hours but will be able to return to normal life for at least 50%. Going out to get some groceries herself, go into the park or do the dishes. This is only possible with surgery. Money is needed for this surgery in Barcelona. A lot of money, which she doesn’t have. That is why the Chantalwilleven (Chantalwantstolive) Foundation was established to give Chantal her life back.

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