Chantal Foundation wants to live

About the foundation

It is our intention to be as transparent as possible so that donors know what happens with their donation. (Here you can find the articles of association of the foundation.) The very first goal of the foundation is of course to save Chantal by using. the neck surgery in Barcelona. If more is donated, then other costs, such as treatments and medical aids, can be funded if they cannot be reimbursed in another way.

If more money is donated than the costs of the treatment of Chantal, or if Chantal dies, the donation money will be used to provide information to patients, families of patients and the environment of patients regarding Ehler Danlos Syndrome.
Since EDS is very rare, it is a huge search for possible treatments for many children and their parents. The intention is that children can be treated faster as a result.

These families will be supported by informing them, bringing them into contact with specialist doctors, bringing them into contact with the patients’ association and fellow sufferers.

All this with the aim of making EDS better known, so that children can get the right treatment faster